NOT Engineers
engineers in speleology

We are an engineering and surveying consultancy specialized in the underground environments. Whether natural (caves, potholes, shafts, karst systems) or artificial (mines, quarry), the subterranean world needs highly effective professionals. We can help you developping your projects, 3D laser scanning and surveying cavities, finding and locating underground water, or helping you in better understanding the sites.

3D model and topography of underground tunnels
For heritage, consolidation works, or mining actvities, we can produce 3D models with mobile scanning
Fly-through underground quarry (France)
Topographie 3D d’anciennes carrières souterraines (Région Parisienne)
3D survey of an underground quarry
3D survey of an underground room and pillar quarry. More than 140 pillars, 7.4 acres, 7ft pillars

We work in various types of environments, underground, worldwide.


An exceptionnal burial site discovered in Gabon: tens of human skeletons, jewels, tools and weapons were hidden in this cave discovered by NOT Engineers

NOT Engineers