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  • 3D mobile scanning

    Autres exemples
    Carrière médiévale sous Cochin (Paris) (cliquez pour voir les détails)

  • Hydrogeology

    (note: this is an automated translation) Our expertise: the underground karstic cave systems. Our goal is to solution your hydrogeological problems in this environment.
    We specialised in exploration, surveying, topography, investigation, and surface positionning of underground rivers or sumps (...)

  • Heritage sites

    Underground places, whether natural (caves, shafts, abysses) or man-made (old mine exploitation, abandoned quarry, tunnel, shelter, refuge, underground crypt, cellar, catacombs ...) exert a mixed attraction/repulsion feeling on the general public. This very special heritage is often overlooked (...)

  • Cave Surveying

    We do cave surveying in natural networks (caves and chasms survey) or artificial (quarries, tunnels), difficult to access, or when a total station / theodolite is not suitable.
    We work alone or in support of your team of surveyors if necessary, in difficult access areas or complex sites. (...)

  • Underground radiolocation

    How does it work?
    Underground positioning via magnetic beacon (or radiolocation) consists of the positioning on ground surface of a cavity located underground, as deep as 300 meters.
    In order to exactly localize the cavity, the beacon emits an electromagnetic wave. Its magnetic field is then (...)