The team

Olivier Testa

Olivier Testa, speleologist, engineer
Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris. Passionate about underground environments, having participated in numerous missions around the world, Africa, Asia or the Caribbean: Olivier Testa manages the office every day, with rigor and dedication.

Pascal Orchampt, electronics engineers, speleologist
Co-founder of the company, well of knowledge, he masters a wide range of engineering skills and techniques. Pascal Orchampt ensures the design of our equipment and finds innovative solutions to all constraints linked to underground environments.

Close partners

Sebastien Royer, diver, caver
Meticulous and precise, Sébastien Royer works in caves or underwater, even in extreme conditions. He is self employed and works exclusively with us.

Barnabé Fourgous, trainer, speleologist
Cave instructor and rope access works trainer, he will safely assist your team in harsh environments.
He masters techniques and has explored the world deepest cave in Abkhazia!
NOT partners with his company CORDATA


Céline Tomczyk, Geologist
Céline worked for NOT Engineers, and quitted to start a PhD in archeological sciences.

Fabien Noyer,
Third man of NOT Engineers as a co-founder of the company, Fabien has now moved onto other projects.